Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center is Approved

Reporters learned yesterday that Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center located in Shangqiu had passed review of representatives from Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision.

According to relevant report, Zhecheng County submitted the “Feasibility Report” of this project in 2011. The report received instant and strong support from municipal government. In the next year, a meeting was held to discuss the feasibility of this project, which was approved later by Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision. The municiple government of Zhecheng and all quality supervision departments conducted concerted efforts to accelerate the manufacturing base and high and new-tech center of superhard materials and super abrasives in Shangqiu. Technological innovation and public platforms were built in the purpose of regional competitive industries' development and improvement of brand industries' core competitiveness. Besides that, the municipal government of Zhecheng industry park has allocated 20 mu land and invested 5,000,000 Yuan to support infrastructure projects construction. The experimental building that covers a total area of 1500 square meters has been put in use, and 11,000,000 Yuan has been invested in infrastructure project construction.

According to statistics, Zhecheng County's annual output of synthetic diamond single crystal is 1,000,000,000 carats, synthetic diamond micro powder is 4,500,000,000 carats, seven series of diamond tools, which is more than 7,000,000 sets. Zhecheng is a leader in technological innovation and brand improvement of the national diamond industry.