The Overall Demand of Synthetic Diamond Market to Grow Steadily

Synthetic diamond is more and more widely used in various industrial fields, whose overall demand will maintain steady growth. The market price will remain stable and even fall a little. The industrial diamond, used for processing of non-metallic materials and engineering construction, will continue to dominate the market. And diamond saw blade products with coarse particle and high strength will continue to be popular.

According to the different using requirements in the industrial applications, the products, special productseries and specifications need to be further improved. Those cheap synthetic diamond abrasive tools and products will have greater development in developing countries.

With high technology products constantly emerging, the big monocrystal diamond grains and nanoscale ultrafine powder products begin to enter the market. The diamond tools made by big monocrystal synthetic diamond grains are used successfully in the industry, which shows the era that synthetic diamond can fully replace natural diamond has arrived.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology has achieved significant progress and diamond films as a new structural materials and functional materials are entering the market, which fully shows the broad prospects in the field of new application of synthetic diamond.

Static pressure method and diamond pressure machine are still the main methods and equipments of synthetic diamond production. The different types of synthetic equipments all have their own strengths. And the large-scale compressors is the inevitable developing trend of synthetic diamond industry.

The dynamic synthesis method of synthetic diamond has been on the industrial production scale, and new synthetic methods (liquid phase epitaxial method, laser method, etc.) will arouse people's widespread attention.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the era of monopoly that synthetic diamond industry is controlled by a handful of countries (companies) has gone. The production layout has been moving towards to multi-polarization, and Asia will become the "hot spots" of synthetic diamond industry in the new century. Entering the 21st century, building materials, geology, oil and gas, electrical, automotive and other industries will need a lot of diamond. Therefore, synthetic diamond market will be in great demand, which will make more brilliant prospects.