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   Henan Yuxing Sino Crystal Micron Diamond Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer to as SCMD), stepped into diamond micron powder field in 1989, with the constant growth and development of the strategic demand, SCMD has altered four names for 27 years, from the initial “Zhecheng Xinghuo Diamond Abrasives Company”, and “Shangqiu Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.”, and then “Henan Hengxiang Diamond Abrasives Company”, to “Henan Yuxing Sino Crystal Micron Diamond Co., Ltd.”, we aim to provide the best diamond micron powder and the whole solution for worldwide customers with every firm and determined steps.

    SCMD devoted to constantly innovate; focus on the whole world;take a lead in the field. At present, SCMD owns more than 30 authorized patents including diamond micron powder, nano diamond powder, etc., and have won a certificate of Provincial Scientific Technology Achievement granted by Henan Scientific Technology Bureau about the research and application of nano carbon crystal and nano diamond fullerene, moreover have applied and established Zhengzhou engineering and technological research center of milling-ball sizing diamond, its R&D ability and product competitiveness in a industry always lies in the leading position. SCMD invested the whole set of advanced environmental protection system to ensure every carat of diamond in the market is green and environment-friendly, and have been contributing to protect our earth.

    SCMD insists on combining the modernized enterprise management system with the Chinese excellent conventional culture, based on that condition “SCMD respect objects system’’ and “ SCMD integrating marketing system” were established which formed the unique full of positive energy and vivifying enterprise culture.  “Respect objects’’ makes employees more delightful in thinking, good at innovating, know how to be gratitude, motivates staffs to pure acme, perfect and efficient work style, tap craftsmanship into everyone. Integrating marketing motivates the enthusiasm of the all employees and arranges the right person on the right position. So that when we obtaining the material wealth also get more business achievement.

Contraposing the high-level application of products, SCMD keeps on launching a series of new products, issued a whole solutions to match application in industrial diamond cutting, polishing and grinding, which has been decreased the R&D investment and time cost of customers, and enhanced the productivity and technology level.

So far, SCMD has set up professional sales centers in America, Russia, Europe, Japan and Taiwan area. Products are sold and served to more than 40 countries such as America, Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea and India directly. The comprehensive strength and the supply ability of mono crystal diamond powder is now global leading.